Petina Hapgood | Director • Educator                                                  Artistic Director • Goodmann Productions

The Killing Of Sister George Tour – 2010

Artistic Director: Petina Hapgood
Director: Matthew Parker

Marlborough Little Theatre, BrightonReview – All the Festivals. 5 star rating

Claiming to offer an updated modern version of the iconic Frank Marcus classic this version of the Killing of Sister George doesn’t understate its intentions neither does it disappoint the expectations of its audience….It could be considered an act of great folly or extreme confidence to re-fashion such classics and I am glad to report that it is the latter that emerges victorious……The drama unfolds at break neck speed and at full volume although there are moments to absorb and reflect which shows the compassion of the director Matthew Parker and the respect he has for his material…..for full review – All The Festivals

Etcetera Theatre Camden – Review.  Sister George is boisterously played by Petina Hapgood throughout and complimented by Katy Federman’s girlish, endearing childie.  They are ably supported by Sue Ferguson as Mrs Mercy (the BBC personified) and Maggie Robson as the nutty neighbour Madame Xenia.

“A delightful attack on emotions; Goodmann Productions capture the true comedy of The Killing of Sister George and yet one is left strangely moved and tearful by their triumphant presentation of the true pathos of this classic treat.  A powerful, touching and thought-provoking piece – so good I saw it twice!!” – Mary Procter – audience member.