Petina Hapgood | Director • Educator                                                  Artistic Director • Goodmann Productions

Effie’s Burning 2013

Effie, an old lady who has lived in mental institutions since the age of 13 has been admitted to hospital with severe burns. Treating her is Dr Kovacs who finds in Effie’s extraordinary story of injustice and official callousness the key to her own supressed anger and power. Taut and powerful, tender and often funny. In this first class production from Goodmann – Effie’s Burning engages the heart.

Director: Petina Hapgood
Associate Director: Lucy Applybe
Lighting Designer: Chloe Kazamia

Effie: Petina Hapgood
Dr Kovacs: Robyn Moore

Well I really did not know what to expect as I made my way to the Etcetera Theatre on a windblown and rainy night last week. What I found was mesmeric. Two actresses Petina Hapgood playing Effie Palmer and Robyn Moore as the doctor who took on her case, told the story of the unfortunate Effie, institutionalised by spending nearly all her life in care homes for the “weak minded.” We discovered a saga of child abuse and horrific cruelty from parents who really did not care; we also learnt that the brilliant young doctor had her own demons to battle. Hapgood’s touching performance showed us the wounded innocence of a girl woman who was baffled and bewildered by the “care” she had received. Moore’s visceral portrayal as the young doctor had us practically cheering when she was able – partly due to her involvement with Effie – to stand up to the patronising behaviour of the senior surgeon who was her boss. Both women find some sort of catharsis in the end. Sensitively written by Valerie Windsor and beautifully directed by artistic director Petina Hapgood and associate director Lucy Appleby. The play involved us deeply in the lives of these two women, and gave us food for thought.

Kate Glover
(Artistic Director- Historia Theatre Company)

“I was crying into my Sleeves”

 “Captivating and powerful performances by Petina Hapgood and Robyn Anne Moore
“This poignant portrayal of these two characters had me laughing and crying in equal parts.”
“A five star performance by two stellar actresses who the audience watched with rapt attention”
“Petina Hapgood transformed to play Effie with such brilliance alongside the powerful and engaging Robyn Moore”
“I haven’t been so moved by a piece of theatre wonderful acting, powerful play and fantastic direction!”