Petina Hapgood | Director • Educator                                                  Artistic Director • Goodmann Productions

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 2011

Director: Petina Hapgood

A Midsummer Night’s Dream” another classic with a twist!!

50’s Music, Aliens! and B Movies all feature in this exciting new version – adapted by James Killeen



Funniest Shakespeare I have ever seen!

This should be made into a cult movie!


Amazing Sound Track!!

Sensational Cast!


If you think you don’t like your Shakespeare mucked about with, I hope you saw this brilliantly creative and imaginative Rep Company production. The famous frolics of Shakespeare’s Dream- set in a 1950s Happy-Days style diner, with reference to in-vogue B movies- were partially adapted by James Killeen, himself cast as a nerdish extra-terrestrial Oberon. The accompanying soundtrack is not only superb but in songs like the Everly Brothers’ Bye Bye Love, it reminds us human nature hasn’t changed one iota in 400 years. Director ( Petina Hapgood ) worked very hard, showing great originality and creativity to bring out the very best from a great cast  which includes,Michael Mitcham superb as Bottom, Lucinda Lloyd & Sarita Plowman most effective as Helena & Hermia, and Anita Golschewsky as an impish Puck. The production made a successful transfer to the Courtyard Theatre thereafter. (Vernon Thompson- Theatre Director)